About Angela

Angela is an intuitive empath and Reiki Master in Gothenburg, Sweden. She has a University master degree in sociologi and a candidate degree in philosophy. She has worked in the corporate world with human recources for serveral years and is experienced in guideing people in distress. For several years she also was a working board member of the Swedish green think thank Cogito, writeing and teaching about green ideology.  Her interest in energy medicin developed as she is highley sensitive to blockages in other living beeings. She offers coures in reiki and neo-shamanism. Please contact Angela for further information.

Education in energy medicin:

  • Usui Reiki Master, Bodil Strängliden, Swe  
  • Kundalini Reiki Master, Ole Gabrielsen, DK
  • Jinlap Maitri Reiki Master,  Sunshine academy of metaphysics, UK
  • Usui/HolyFire III Reiki, Gun Moss Bjerling, Swe
  • Munay-Ki ritens, Sunshine academy of metaphysics, UK
  • Magickal Shaman Lightworker Master,  Sunshine academy of metaphysics, UK
  • Angel Tarot, Radleigh Valentine, US

    Soul retrieval

    Release negative spiritual influences and strengthen your soul connection

    To stand in our strength we need to be whole emotionally. With this spiritual healing you get help to reconnect with aspects of yourself that have been lost or that you have unknowingly "given away", at the same time as negative energy bonds are realesed. The session heals your etheric energy field (aura) based on the life path your soul has chosen in this life. It is an experience of getting closer to oneself and gaining increased self-esteem and harmony. Imbalances are taken care of with both Reiki and with the help of your spirit guides. Strengthening messages from both the lower and upper energy dimension are conveyed (power animals, guardian angels & guides).  A Soul retrieval session my help if you experience one or more of the following bullets:

    • Lack of self-esteem and self-confidence 
    • A constant feeling of restlessness or difficulty in "just being"
    • A feeling of being numb / not really present in your life
    • Dependence on food, other people, alcohol, drugs, games or other activities
    • Feelings of emptiness or meaninglessness
    • Confusion and a feeling of not knowing yourself
    • Diffuse anxiety 
    • A feeling of being affected by energy from previous lives
    • Difficulty understanding why something "is what it is" with a sense of constantly ending up in difficult situations
    • Recurring nightmares

    Price: EURO 200
    The session takes 1.5-2h. If you want to ask general questions by phone, email your phone number and Angela will call you. If you want to ask questions about your life situation, you are welcome to make an appointment for a consultation. Many people get in touch and want spontaneous advice by phone. Unfortunately, this is not possible.

    Courses offered in English

    Kundalini Reiki Millenium, Jinlap Maitri Reiki, Magickal Shaman lightworker, Munay-ki rites


    "This was absolutley magical. I do not understand how I could relax this well. I´m so calm, but exhilirated at the same time. My emotions are all over, yet it feels right and harmonious. My arms feel lighter. I completely understand all the things you suggest that I continue to work with as soul work".

    "You have the ability to see through the veil and explain things in a simple way. It can be challenging to hear what needs to change, but it's all good. I am forever greatful."


    What does it mean to strengthen the contact with the soul? In traditional shamanism, this type of healing is knows as lost peices of the soul is brought home. The loss may have occurred, for example, due to a soul piece being trapped in a traumatic event (in a current or past life). From the neo-shamanic perspective, influenced by quantum physics, it is important to understand that you cannot lose anything of your soul. You are your soul. But in the same way that we can lose contact with different personality traits (often our playful or creative sides as we age), the self / ego can have a weakened contact with the soul. In the session, you will be helped to restore contact with this repressed energy. As small children we are born with open hearts and an immediate contact with the soul. It makes us vulnerable. The thorns of life, violations and abuses make us close our hearts. It is a survival mechanism, but at the cost of weakening our soul connection.

    What does it mean to release and end negative energy bonds? 
    Negative energy bonds may have been created in a relationship with a previous partner, parent or other. It can also consist of "karmic" relationships from previous lives that cause us to be drawn to negative people or situations, or we carry negative energy from ancestors. It can also be about our own shadows from previous lives that are reminded in this life. It is possible to be free from these influences and learn to protect and open your heart, while strengthening the connection with your soul and the  conscious energy of the universe.

    Can you manipulate someone elses soul or energy?
    No. You have a free will. For a soul retrieval to have a lasting result, it is important to understand that we always have a free will. There is no force outside of ourselves that can affect us without our (unconscious) permission. Just as we can give our power to other people in our physical world, we can unconsciously give our power to spiritual influences. By gaining knowledge and becoming aware of yourself, you become a master of your own life. My role is to facilitate that process. The session will create freedom and relief, but in order not to recreate destructive patterns, it is important that you understand your own part in creating your reality. 

    How do you know when a negative energy bond is gone?
    As a media empath, I feel when there is energy around a person that is not good for that person. I also feel when the energy has left.  I always start by approaching the energy through sentiet. Healing will take place no matter what label I put on it and I work on the basic principle that all spiritual impressions are filtered through an individual's personal dynamics. The same spiritual energies can therefore take one shape for me, but are interpreted in a different way by the client. It is always the client's own experience that is most important.

    What distinguishes soul retrieval from a reiki treatment?
    Reiki is a radiant form of healing that goes where it is needed most in the individual's energy system. It is especially suitable for those who feel tired, stressed or in pain. The Soul retrieval session includes Reiki in combination with energy healing that creates closure and strengthens the contact with the soul.  Reiki balances us where we need it most, right now. But if you want to focus on getting a complete conclusion from, for example, a previous partner, previous life or ancestors, a Soul retrieval can help you further in the process because this energy healing works in depth in an area.

    Necessary disclaimer: Spiritual terminology is metaphorical and symbolic in nature. You are not responsible for any misconceptions or inaccuracies. Never do anything against your will. If you are sick consult a doctor.

    More testimonials

    All kinds of people find help from Angelas' GBG Reiki. Young and old, with different backgrounds and religious beliefs . What we all have in common is a wish for personal growth.

     You're super and your work is super! An outstanding teacher! I really appreciate the visual and easy comprehensible course material, it applies well to my learning style. /Sara Johansson, reiki student .

    A thousand thank you! This feelt really good and relaxing. You have helped me in serveral ways and I am very content with the session. I strongley recommend Angela. /Sirus Mokhtari, reiki client

    Thank you Angela! Your intuition is fantastic and you have the ability to convey your cognitions in a way that helps to see the path forward. I can highley recommend your consultation to anyone who wish to gain harmony and insight to oneself.
    /John Wright, consultation